Excerpt: Rock Her Wild by Alyson Hale

I was reading through Rock Her Wild today and found this excerpt…now I’m fanning myself!

CAUTION: The following is intended for readers 18 and up.

RHW Teaser 1.jpg


Inching my way up her leg, I tease her with my rough fingers. Her skin is soft and warm and gives underneath mine. When I’m centimeters from her entrance, I feel her juices trickling down her leg.

“Fuck,” I groan into her lips. “You’re ready for me, yeah?”

“I’m ready to fuck you up,” my ebony goddess hisses against my teeth. I chuckle, thinking she couldn’t be more perfect. She’s going to need plenty of natural lubricant for the myriad of naughty things I’m planning to do to her tonight. 

There’s no chance she could ever fuck me up, though. I’m already the most fucked up of them all.

Discreetly, I rub a straight line down from her tight bud of a clit to her heated walls. I shove in two fingers first, feeling her out, and then I shove in a third. She doesn’t even wince. Her skin is soft and flexible, yet snug. Three fingers stretch her nearly to the breaking point. She trembles in my hold as I pull them in and out, slowly, torturing her. The naughtiness of what we’re doing in public, in plain view, gets my fucking motor roaring. We’re not supposed to be doing this, and that’s what makes it feel so good.

She leans into me, shielding me from view, as I unzip my trousers. I keep my fingers moving as my cock breaks free of its fabric cage. Alex lets out a soft giggle when my cock springs up and hits her in the stomach. I pull out my hand, bringing my fingers to her lips. She tastes herself on me, looking me straight in the eyes and moaning at her own delicious taste. I pull my fingers out of her mouth and put them in my own, savoring her sweet flavor as I maneuver myself and plunge deep into her waiting warmth.

In the darkness and commotion around us, no one even notices us as I pull in and out of her fragrant canal. Her honeysuckle taste lingers in my mouth as she presses her lips back down to mine. Our tongues meld around each other, and we subtly rock our hips in perfect rhythm. Sensations rip at my insides as I feel her walls clamp around me. She’s so turned on, which turns me on even more. 

A masculine voice makes me freeze like an ice sculpture. 

“We’re leaving.”

I look around Alexandrea to see Jace and Kyri standing outside the rope, looking straight at us. They don’t look as shocked as they should be, seeing us fucking shamelessly in front of everyone. Alexandrea’s incredible arse must be hiding us well. I wave at them, and they take the hint.

“Bye, Alex,” Kyri calls out as they turn around to leave.

“Bye!” Alexandrea doesn’t even look over her shoulder. She just leans into my forehead, laughing quietly. The vibrations caused by her laughter bring my cock to attention again, but somehow the magic is gone. “That was awkward.”

“Yeah, a bit. You wanna get out of here?”

“I thought you’d never ask.” She kisses me again, grinding down onto my cock one last glorious time before pulling free and yanking her dress down. I zip my trousers, using my waistband to hide my boner. I gather the two bottles of liquor we’re working on and wave to Eddie, who flashes the “rock on” gesture at me, smirking. He must have seen our scramble and known what we were up to. My brother has seen this sort of behavior from me scores of times on the road…however, this time is different.


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