New Release + Author Spotlight: Dark Romance Author L.V. Lane

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Meet the Author


I love a happy ever after, although sometimes the journey to get there can be rough on my poor characters.
An unashamed fan of the alpha, the antihero, and the throwback in all his guises and wherever he may lurk.


Thank you for being on Aly’s Rockin’ Romance Reads! 

How long have you been writing? When did you become a published author?

I have been writing since I was a child but only recently published my first book in April this year.

What is your writing ritual?

I like a quiet space, I’m easily distracted so I need to lock myself away from interruptions. I also like a view while I’m writing. In my last house, I had a little writer’s office-pod on stilts that looked across a forest. Last year, I moved to Brisbane, Australia, and my desk now looks out across decking to semi-tropical trees. 

I will write whenever I can, morning, afternoon or evening, and for as long as I can. If I’m at work that day, I get up early to spend a few hours writing before leaving. 

I keep my desk fairly clean. There is always a pad and post-it notes nearby. A coffee if it’s morning, or tea later in the day. 

And if my cats are inside, then I put a blanket on my desk for them to snooze on ☺

How long does it take you to finish the first draft?

I write books of around 150-180 pages, and these can take anywhere between one to three months depending on how much writing time I have. 

What is your latest published work? 

My latest published book is the first part of the Deviant Control trilogy, which follows the story of Doctor Lillian Brach. Lilly has been the narrator at the start of some of the chapters in the first two Controller Series books. Lilly is unusual for an Omega in that she retained a position on the viral program after she revealed her Omega dynamic. She is passionate about her work, confident, and determined to avoid any kind of entanglement with an Alpha. Which she was managing admirably until her homeworld came under attack…

If you are not familiar with Omegaverse there are a lot of takes on the genre, but mine is built around virally altered humans. There are thirteen viral-induced dynamics, Alpha through to Mu, and Omega. Each dynamic offers different physical and physiological benefits: intelligence, strength, memory, natural leaders or followers, or heightened skills such as mathematics or art. 

Complete Control teaser.jpg

Can you tell us about your current WIP?

My current WIP is the final part of the trilogy, following Lilly’s story. My books are a military sci-fi mashup with Omegaverse, and this book has a LOT of action. 

What is your favorite female character you’ve written?

I fall in love with all the characters that I write, but I think as a writer you always have to love your current characters to give them their best book. 

That said, I’m confident Lilly will always have a special place. She’s confident but fallible, and when she stuffs-up, it’s spectacular. She has gone through so many challenges in the trilogy and has amazing resilience. Strength isn’t always about physical strength. Lilly may be physically weak as an Omega, but she makes up for it with her strength of mind. 

Deviant Control Teaser.jpg

Favorite male character?

My current WIP has two male leads so this is going to be a tough call. Ethan is brimming with dark, Alpha control. He looks like an avenging angel, but he’s savage to the core.

But as a writer, Ryker is a lot of fun! Every time I write a scene with Ryker they end up going down amusing rabbit holes. He has several psychopathic traits, or ‘psychological anomalies’ as Ryker prefers to call them. He’s good at ‘faking’ normal, and he lives by the line his therapist provided as guidance on acceptable behavior. And while he thinks he doesn’t understand love, he would die to protect Lilly.

Individually they set Lilly’s world on fire, when they are together, it’s an inferno.

My readers love Ethan, but I’m going out on a limb here, and say I’m team Ryker.

If you had to list one of your biggest/weirdest quirks while writing, what would it be?

When I’m sitting at my desk, deep in thought but not actually typing, I rub my hands together repeatedly. My husband refers to it as ‘conjuring’.

Do you listen to music and/or make a playlist while you’re writing?

I smite anyone who plays music while I’m writing!!! ☺

Who are your favorite authors? 

So many! Addison Cain, R Lee Smith, Eileen Glass, Lillian Sable, Janna Aston, Natasha Knight, and Vi Keeland.

What inspires you to write?

My head is overflowing with ideas. If I’m left alone with a piece of paper or an electronic device that I can write on, I’m going to be plotting or writing. 

Non-fiction wise, I’m fascinated by people and their motivations, and I read a lot of psychology books. 

Fiction wise, I enjoy watching criminal thrillers. I love anything sci-fi or dystopian—books, movies, series—and I read romance of all genres. 

My story ideas are a big mashup of thousands of little pieces. 

Where do you interact with your readers the most? (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, newsletters, etc.)

Facebook is my number one, although I have recently set up a newsletter, and I’m soon going to be giving some story shorts to subscribers.  

Can we stalk you? (hey, at least we asked nicely!) If so, please provide your Amazon, Goodreads, and social media links.

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Thank you so much again for being here! Any advice to aspiring authors before we let you go? (we know you’re busy!)

Read a lot of what you like, and keep writing. Seek feedback, and keep writing. 

Don’t be afraid to play around with story ideas. 

Get your social media set up early! 

New Release



Control, Controllers Collection One (Book 1+ 2)

Control, Controllers Collection One

★ Contains the first two books in the Controllers Series ★

Taking Control: The Controllers Book One

There is a war, and people with skills are deployed when and where it suits the cause. Even Omegas.

Where necessary, they are allocated protection.

A controller.

And they are told to submit fully to the controller. That it is recommended.

But the war brings many changes. Omegas must be protected at all costs and what was once a recommendation might soon become a mandate.

Eloise is an Omega, and with her first deployment imminent she has already decided that she won’t submit to full control—not while the law still protects her.

But they haven’t allocated her to an ordinary controller, they’ve let the best of them fight for the right. And nothing is going to stop the one who comes out on top from claiming his prize.

Complete Control: The Controllers Book Two

There is a war, cities are falling, and prisoners are being taken.

With her city in ruins, Anna is on the run. Enemy patrols comb the streets and she knows what awaits her if they find her—death if she is lucky, imprisonment if she is not.

Cornered, and out of hope, she is rescued…by an Alpha.

She has just been revealed as an Omega.

Law changes are coming.

And her new fate might be worse.

Other Works

Taking Control (The Controller Book One)

Complete Control (The Controllers Book Two)

Deviant Control (The Controllers Book Three)

On Pre-order 21st Aug: Deviant Evolution (The Controllers Book Four)

Due September: Deviant Betrayal (The Controllers Book Five)

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