Book Birthday: The Agony Doll by Logan Fox

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Title: The Agony Doll

Series: Blood for Blood

Author: Logan Fox

Release Date: July 22, 2019

Genre: Dark Romance


Everyone is born a sinner. Some rise above it. Others embrace it.

On the day he should have uncovered a treasure trove of intel on the Irish Mafia, vigilante Kane Price wakes up in the arms of a provocative woman he’s never met before.

Agony claims what they had was just a one-night stand, but when she’s summoned to Owen Morrison’s manor – the very Mafia enforcer Kane had been tracking – Kane realizes she’s intrinsic to his mission.

As Agony brings him closer to Owen, strange events unfurl around him; events he’s part of, but which he can’t remember.

Soon, things begin spiraling out of control, and Kane is faced with an impossible decision.

Should he remove himself from Agony and Owen’s depraved influence and risk failing his mission…or stay and let the blackest part of his soul consume him.

8mm meets Crash in this wickedly depraved tale of hedonistic excess.
Contains dark themes, triggers, and explicit content. Mature audiences only.

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Now Available on Kindle Unlimited

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I knew this was a fucking mistake. I could tell the second I laid eyes on Simon. But I like making mistakes, don’t I? If you ask Father, my entire life can be mapped by every hideous blunder I’ve ever made.
He thinks I do it to spite him.
If only he could realize I couldn’t be bothered.
Kane strokes me again, and I moan loud, trying to encourage him.
Fuck this.
I grab his wrist, wrench his hand up, and shove it down the front of my stockings. He lets me, but disapproval makes a frown appear between his dark eyebrows.
He shoves a few fingers inside me, and I arch under that touch.
Finally, Christ.
Balancing on his elbow, Kane pushes open the two halves of my coat. He spends a few moments studying my tattoos before taking one of my nipples between his teeth. He toys with it, his dark hair obscuring my view as he begins shoving his fingers in and out of me with furious intent.
“Fuck, yes,” I mumble, my hands going to his hair. I grip two fistfuls, tightening every time his knuckles thump against me.
It obviously becomes too much, because he gives his head a hard shake to dislodge my grip. He drags his fingers out of me, and uses that damp hand to grab hold of my wrists and hold them above my head.
“You don’t like that?” I ask smugly.
“I’d prefer you just lie there like a good girl while I fuck you.”
A cold shiver rushes through me. “I don’t.”
“Not your choice, princess.”
I glare at him. “Pri—?”
The same hand holding my wrists gathers a clump of my hair and twists. Pain shoots through my scalp. I gasp, and stiffen under him.
“That’s better.”
That light I kept seeing? I don’t think it’s anger or annoyance anymore. No…it’s something else. And it’s shining brighter now. When his mouth turns up in a faint smile, I can see it clear as day.
A cruel smile to match that cruel light.


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Fox writes deliciously dark and twisted stories set in the sinister town of Mallhaven.

Having grown up with names like Graham Masterton, Dean Koontz, James Herbert, Stephen King, Robert Jordan, and Terry Pratchett, her stories are an eclectic mix of the sadistically twisted, the epic, and the darkly comedic.

She strives to create characters you’ll either love or loathe and doesn’t hold any punches.

She hails from the four-seasons-in-a-day suburb of Johannesburg, South Africa. She’s so busy writing she doesn’t have time for much else except the occasional indulgent Netflix binge. She loves hearing from readers, so don’t be shy to contact her and tell her what you thought of her writing.

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