Blog Tour + Trailer Premiere: The Forbidden Liaison Series by Kizzie Darker


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Title: A Forbidden Love Affair & A Sensual Attraction

Series: Forbidden Liaison

Author: Kizzie Darker

Genre: Erotic Romance


Forbidden Love Affair

A Forbidden Love Affair

For me, life is pretty great right now.

My new business, Bushes And Blooms, is thriving day by day, I have the love and support of my family, and I am happy and contented living on my barge, Bessie.

But when the wife of a rich business man calls upon me to design and landscape the garden at their grand mansion in Chelsea, London, my life is soon turned upside down when I am introduced to her husband, Matthew Lockhart, a smart, rich and powerful figure with a body to die for.

Women love him, men want to be him. But all is not rosy within the house of Lockhart.

$0.99 or Kindle Unlimited


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A Sensual Attraction

It has been two months since my unfortunate accident in London. And in those two months it has been very lonely without Matthew by my side. I guess we are both to blame for past events. Question is, does he love me?

I blame myself for past events. I asked her to move in with me. She wasn’t ready to make such a life changing decision.

$0.99 or Kindle Unlimited







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Kizzie Darker was born in May 1979 in the small UK brewing town of Burton on Trent.

She grew up in a small town outside of Burton where she lead a somewhat happy childhood until her parents divorced and Kizzie was taken into care where she lead a more fullfilled childhood.

She left school with the minimum qualifications and studied performing arts at college.

She now lives in the West Midlands UK with her husband Adrian and her pets. 

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