Book Review: Pretty Reckless by Jane Anthony

Book Review


Title:  Pretty Reckless – Addicted Hearts Vol. 1

Author: Jane Anthony

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Length: 276 pages 

Five Stars

My Review

It took me a long time to gather my thoughts enough to write this review. Pretty Reckless was unlike any other friends-to-romance novel I’ve ever read. It left me in pieces. The characters were so real it was as if I was stepping inside another person’s head.

Kat and Chase are both broken people who consider themselves damaged goods. Each has their own history with addiction and having their hearts broken; Chase by losing someone he loved, Kat by being hurt by someone she loved. There’s a connection between them from the start, but Kat’s erratic behavior forces Chase to keep his distance from her, at least for a while. He becomes a devoted friend and ally in her fight against her demons, and along the way she captures his heart. When they finally give in to their feelings, their chemistry and passion scorches the pages. I couldn’t get enough of them and I was devastated by the ending in the best way possible.

The levels of angst, detail and sweetness in this novel are perfectly balanced. Jane Anthony is a true talent, especially when writing about real, raw issues that affect real people. I greatly look forward to reading the second half of this duet and getting Chase and Kat’s HEA.

I read this book with Kindle Unlimited. Both books in the duet are enrolled in the program.


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