New Release: Her Protector by R. S. Lively

Title: Her Protector 
Author: R. S. Lively 
Genre: Contemporary Romance 
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Marriage was the last thing on my mind. 
Then I met the red-haired beauty. 
They say love makes you do crazy things.
Running through a burning building to save Alice. Check.
Saving her theater. Check.
Giving her a baby. Check.
Getting married by mistake. Check.
I’m a billionaire and I always get what I want. 


But there’s a few secrets I can’t tell.
Secrets that could break her…
Everything is on the line.
But I’ll do whatever it takes.
For her. For our baby.
I’ll save and protect Alice. 
From this day on. Forever. 
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R.S. Lively is a romance writing duo consisting of Ruth Scott and Lauren Lively. With every page you turn, their passion for books and love of romance jumps out. Their novels are guaranteed to bring you laughter and light up your day/night. If you’re looking for a beautiful, sexy, funny, and sweet romance… You’ll love their wonderful creations! 


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