Book Review: Love Doctor by Logan Chance

Book Review


Title: Love Doctor

Author: Amazon Bestselling Author Logan Chance

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Length: 203 pages

Four Stars

My Review

This book kept me up until 2 AM. I wish I could give half-stars simply for that reason. A lot of books have disappointed me recently to the point where I couldn’t even read them all the way through, but this one had me glued from the beginning.

Declan and Rose annoyed and turned each other on in equal measure. They tried to resist their innate pull toward each other because he was her boss (and a sex therapist, which made him even more reluctant to act unprofessionally in the workplace). Their hangups about getting together were realistic, but the sizzling chemistry between them eventually won out.

As a fledgling indie author, Rose’s struggles really resonated with me. I also appreciated the way Declan (a.k.a. the gorgeous and sexy Dr. Sincock) was respectful toward Rose and tried his best not to cross any lines. Of course he did eventually, but in the way we all wanted him to!

The only reasons I couldn’t give it a 5 are…


One of the first scenes we see of the two MCs together has him finding a note of hers with “angry sex” scribbled on it…yet, in spite of a perfect setup for it, there was no angry sex in the book. Instead, the sex scenes were tame-ish and did not reflect the build-up that occurs throughout the beginning and middle of the story. I’m sorry but you cannot tease a girl with promises of spankings and angry sex and not follow through! But maybe I’m just a bad girl who needs to be punished 😉

Also, some of the wording in places was confusing (“this redhead of a temptress”? I think you meant that the other way around).

Overall, this was a great steamy/dirty romance if you’re looking for something that will tease you without being overtly erotic.

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