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That’s how the theory goes, but who knows if it’s true? My first experience in the bedroom was so bad that when it was over, well, let’s just say I wasn’t sure that I’d even lost my virginity. You’d think the boy I’d spent my entire childhood dreaming over would give me a better experience than that, but that’s not what happened. Then he had the nerve to ask me if it was good for me? Um, sure?

Girl, it was time to go! So that’s what I did, I grabbed my things, and I got out of Dodge.

My BFF, Gail, told me I should have looked at his shoes. Noah’s feet were small, so it made sense that his, ahem, tool was small too. It’s all just a blur after that, and somehow I ended up with a ring on my finger and he’s talking about babies, and inside I’m tearing apart. I’d dreamed of this my whole life, but now? No, just no, I can’t imagine spending the rest of my life with this…boy. What I need is a man, a man that knows what he’s doing and how to make sure a girl is in NO doubt about whether she’d done the deed or not.

That’s why, when Gail decides to head off to the city I run away with her. Literally, I ran as fast as I could, after I told him I was only going for a week. Six months later I don’t have a job, Noah’s badgering me to come home, and I’ll take any job that keeps me in the city.

Enter the biggest pair of shoes I’ve ever seen on a man. Gail’s boss is having some kind of party and wants a singer. Gail, the girl that loves to hear me sing, told him I had the voice of an angel, and he agrees to let me audition. The problem is, all I can focus on are the size of his shoes. Big shoes, big…well, you know. It plays over and over in my head, and as I focus on those feet, I wonder. Is it true?
I don’t know what’s going to happen next, all I know is, I really want to find out if the saying is true or not.
And from that knowing grin, and the promise in it, I know I might just get the chance.

Author’s Note:
It’s short and steamy with enough sexiness for you to enjoy this novella. It is standalone, and there’s no cheating!




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Dr. Emily Dawson has made a nice career for herself. She has a practice of her own in which she spends her free hours treating patients at Princeton’s Center of Mental Health. It is at the center where she meets Sophia for the first time.

Sophia enters Emily’s life strictly as a patient. What begins as a simple diagnosis evaluation soon blossoms into a full fledged midlife crisis for the good doctor.

Right from the very start Sophia begins to influence Emily into evaluating her very own well-being. To get a clearer thought at what she is certain is her exact life lived through another person, she asks about her everyday life, her sex life with her special man, and the power behind it. The more she questions, the more she is reminded of the words of Oscar Wilde: “Everything in the world is about sex, except sex; sex is about power.”




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One night. One mistake. A relationship down in flames.
Kristen Daniels has worked for years to achieve her dreams. But that one night changes everything, shattering her perfect life.
Brett Ingles is on top of the world. His band is finally topping the charts and playing sold-out shows. He has a beautiful fiancé he loves with all his heart. One mistake could ruin it all.
Derek Calloway has always been someone his friends could depend on. He never intended to fall in love with her. She’s off limits and he knows it. But the heart wants what the heart wants. He just hopes she’s worth the risk.




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Chloe Tisdale is a fun-loving woman with a crappy job, no current prospects for romance, and the apparent inability to listen to instructions from demanding men. After a run-in with a creepy stalker, she heads for Imminence, Montana to hide out and party with her wild, foul-mouthed cousin. Conveniently for Chloe, her cousin’s husband just happens to be the Sheriff of Bounty County. Unfortunately for Chloe, however, one of the Sheriff’s deputies is the easy-on-the-eyes-but-incredibly-bossy Justin Hunt, who broke Chloe’s heart into a thousand pieces just one year earlier. And unfortunately for everyone in Bounty County, Chloe’s stalker follows her to Imminence. Despite dealing with commitment issues, when Justin learns of the danger that Chloe is in, he immediately steps in to protect her. Will sparks fly again? Will Justin learn to love? Can Chloe ever forgive him?

This book has a high heat index, contains adult themes, and is suitable only for 18+. WARNING: Sexually explicit and foul language.

Ride-along is the first in the Bounty County series; each book in the series is stand-alone with an HEA ending, but characters and story lines for future books may be introduced, so the series is meant to be read in order.




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Living after the loss of my father, and at the cruel attention of my mother, I, Eli Madsen, was stuck in a world eclipsed in secrets of pain, fear and loneliness.

Pushed to the edge with nowhere to go but down, I dreamed of an escape. Little did I know that the boy next door would give me just that.

He knew my pain, my fears and my secrets because he had them too.

He was my hope, my love, my light and my promise.

Brought together by an unlikely bond, we found something in each other that couldn’t be ignored; safety, strength and hope. Leaving everything, including the darkness behind, we set out to make a new life for ourselves.

We ran away from our past and ran towards our future.

Until the day darkness found us once again, and promises made became promises broken.

We had a plan.
We had each other.
We had love.
And then we had nothing.

Runaway Love is a story of finding light in the midst of darkness. It’s a story of making something beautiful out of something so dark. But most of all, it’s a story of hope, love and taking chances.

This is the first book in a two-book series. Each book can be read as a stand alone, and do not end in cliff-hangers.





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One act of kindness would change her life forever. 

Mali lives by one motto: advocate for kindness. That has always served her well. But when she meets a handsome stranger, her instincts tell her something isn’t quite right with her new friend.
Quin is good at keeping secrets. When he meets Mali, he’s more determined than ever to keep his secrets safe. The better he gets to know her and her world, the more difficult it is to hide the truth. If she finds out, he fears their fast-growing friendship will sour.
Filled with mixed emotions, Mali is desperate to find out what he’s hiding. The question is will it break her heart?




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Daisy Jones has loved Gideon McElroy her entire life. Painfully shy, she lived for the summers spent at her grandpa’s cabin as a child, when Gideon would come to stay with his grandfather, the Colonel. While the old men reminisced on happier times and discussed the sad state of the future, Daisy would follow Gideon like a puppy, happy just to be in his presence. To her, he was everything a girl could want in a Prince Charming. When he enlisted, she was heartbroken but took solace in the fact that he would still come to visit his aging grandfather when time allowed.

Fate had other plans, and when his grandfather passed on, and Gideon didn’t attend the funeral, Daisy knew he was gone forever. She married, had a child, and tried not to think of Gideon or what had become of him. It was a childish infatuation.

Fifteen years have come and gone, and Daisy stayed on the summer island after her own grandfather died to raise her little girl. As the local vet, she sees to the needs of the tiny town and keeps to herself after her husband’s suicide. But when rumors fly that a strange man is squatting on the Colonel’s land, she makes it her duty to investigate. She finds Gideon, a battle-scarred, ruthless man now, who wants nothing to do with the town or her. Can she help him overcome his experiences, or will his wounded soul drag her into his dismal world?





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Anton Law, a prominent, wealthy lawyer, is no stranger to the sight of a court petition. What he didn’t expect was to come home to a petition for divorce.

He knew some distance had grown between himself and his wife, but he never dreamed she’d demand a divorce with no explanation.

She insists this is what she wants, but the fire in her eyes speaks otherwise.

Anton has never been a man who can be pushed around. Lana Grace Law is about to be taught a lesson, and that lesson is that leaving her husband will never be an option.

NOTE: This 18+ short, erotic read will have you longing for Anton to come home and punish you!

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