Book Birthday: Surprise Marriage by R.R. Banks


Title: Surprise Marriage 
Author: R.R. Banks 
Genre: Contemporary Romance 


Tequila should come with a fine print label. 
Warning – Do Not Drink in Vegas. 
May cause you to wake up married to a domineering billionaire… 
Jace Parker, the sexy jerk that broke my heart. 
The man that took my virginity. 
It’s been years since we’ve seen one another. 
I can’t believe a help wanted ad led me back to him. 
And that I was desperate enough to take the job as his secretary. 
Now the cocky Adonis has me right under his command. 
Just like he always wanted. 
A Vegas trip with him? 
I should have drawn the line…
Now there are a few accidental surprises I didn’t bargain for.
Including being knocked up by my boss!


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USA Today Bestselling Author, The Washington Post Bestselling Author, International Bestselling Author, and Author of multiple Amazon Top 20 Bestselling Books. 

As a man who is a hopeless romantic, your support is my inspiration. I’m excited to have you read my books so we can go on the hottest romance adventures together! 



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