Book Review: The Roommate Agreement by Emma Hart

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Title: The Roommate Agreement

Author: NYT & USA Today Bestselling Author Emma Hart

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Length: 199 pages

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My Review

This book had me laughing out loud until my stomach ached and I thought I was going to have a bathroom emergency!

Best friends Jay & Shelby could not have been more opposite. He’s messy, disorganized and likes to live life without a plan, she has a plan for literally everything and cannot stand having one thing out of place. In spite of the somewhat extreme lengths she went to in order to get her way, Shelby’s obsession with keeping his hands off her damn Oreos, having him do his own laundry and pick up after himself was totally relatable. I don’t know a woman alive who hasn’t had these kind of fights with her man. From the beginning, it was obvious they were a couple without being a couple, and everyone around them knew it.

Jay was such a hot, sweet book boyfriend, to the point where I almost felt guilty being a taken woman and liking him as much as I did. I also loved how much I could relate to Shelby as a fellow writer. Her introverted tendencies and crazy “impending deadline” behavior was as real as it gets.

An amazingly fun read that you absolutely will not regret!


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